Llama United has received some amazing reviews since it was first published back in May 2017.

So here’s a small selection of reviews from official professional book-type people, and some children I’ve never met, to hopefully encourage you to buy a copy.

If you enjoyed reading Llama United, then why not give it a review too.

Amazon or Goodreads are good places to start. However, if you are under the age of 16 and want to review Llama United in a cooler place, then why not try Toppsta is much more fun and less serious.

Toppsta book reviews

Reviews all help in the battle of real author vs celebrity author (it isn’t really a battle…more like a snowball fight). So huge, massive, ginormous thanks to everyone who has give Llama United a review so far.

Here’s some reviews:

‘Utterly bonkers and very funny’ Guardian Guide to the Best Children’s Books of the Summer

‘[A] weird, wacky and totally bonkers book… hugely enjoyable and bound to raise plenty of laughs throughout.’ Parents in Touch

‘Silly, and as satisfying as stories of unlikely champions always are, the book is also full of quality description of the footballing action as Llama United progress up the league. As always, Sarah Horne’s inky illustrations add to the fun.’ LoveReading4Kids
‘Arthur McLuck’s narrating voice is very funny, the llamas are hilarious and the cup matches genuinely exciting, whilst the Gravy family dynamics are beautifully portrayed.’ Booktrust
‘Madcap and properly funny, you’ll definitely be rooting for team Llama United as they take on the best in the cup.’ WRD Magazine
‘A great read for the younger audience, engaging literacy, visual and comprehension skills in a fun-filled, warm-hearted story.’ Armadillo Magazine
‘Llama llama United is hilarious. Llamas playing football just sounds so funny.  It is an easy read with lots of jokes and sabotage of the Llama team.  I would recommend this for my friends who wanted a book.’ Booyu – aged 8
‘This is a really good fun story. It’s easy to read and has interesting little pictures throughout. You don’t need to be a football fan to enjoy this book. I would recommend to others.’ – Lydib – aged 11
‘My son is so sad now he has finished the book, he wanted it to keep going! He said it was funny & the author was very descriptive. He loved it was a bit different from other football stories and the place/team names made him laugh! Very impressed!!! – Little Fox – aged 9