Hello, I’m the children’s author Scott Allen, feel free to have a good poke about my site. You might find something interesting…you might not.

My first novel, Llama United, is published by Macmillan, out on 4 May 2017 and is available in bookshops, supermarkets and online. The second book in the Llama United series is due out at the start of 2018, so I’d better hurry up writing it!

Llama United cover


Scottallenutd.com will contain a mixture of news, events, llamas, video, writing tips, biscuits and anything else that takes my interest.

Imagine a massive hot bubbling soup of plunder and me chucking stuff in, then giving it a good stir. I’m a big fan of keeping sites busy, dynamic and full of stuff, so keep visiting, you never know what you might find.

I’m always interested to hear your opinions, ideas and feedback so feel free to send me a message on the contact me page. It’s very simple to use.

If you want to find out more about me and what I’m all about, go to the about page and read the interview I’ve done with myself.

Thanks for getting this far down the page, I hope you enjoy the rest of the site.